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Ameda - Purely Yours (Visitor Review)

by Emily

Ameda  - Purely Yours

Ameda - Purely Yours

I was pretty nervous about the idea of breast feeding, as my son is my first child. Which meant trying to actually breastfeed didn't go over like I had planned.

So I started pumping to make sure he was at least able to have breast milk. I used the Ameda - Purely Yours breast pump for about 2 months and never had any issues with it. It was easy to use, and it wasn't painful at all while I was using it. I would recommend it to a friend if they wanted suggestions.

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Ameda - Purely Yours (Visitor Review)

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Mar 28, 2009
Ameda Purely Yours
by: Ameda Purely Yours

I owned Ameda purely yours breast pump. There?s no need to depend on formula milk anymore ? the baby can get the fresh milk anytime he/she needs it. So, everyone in the family is happy and relaxed.

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